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New Youth Program for 2023

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

The Melfort Youth Evolution (under the direction of NEOSS) is excited to announce some fantastic news for youth—introducing our newest youth program

“the mye hive”.

This program will build-upon and enhance those areas of programming that were shown to be most successful with our Keep it 100 - Teen Healthy Relationships program that was delivered in 2020-2021, and also our most recent 2021-2022 "MYE Space" program. These sessions were very well received and well attended over the duration of those programs. Our goal is to foster the relationships that were created with the youth and the community, replicating those program areas that had the most impact on the wellbeing of the participants, and augment our comprehensive youth strategy.

Offering programming of this type to children/teens/youth during this time of rapid physical development and deep emotional changes, will give them an opportunity for connect with their peers, increase the sense that they are not alone, and help them to build a network of support. To address all forms of abuse, we believe that our most effective tools are prevention, education, and engagement. We plan to provide a safe, supportive environment for these young people to perhaps experience new opportunities, while helping them to overcome barriers, develop healthy relationships, and build their confidence while learning life skills.

“The mye hive” program is a FREE universal program that is available to youth from the ages of 10-19 in Melfort (and immediate area). To register, or for more information, please feel free to contact our main office at 306-752-9464, or email Kathryn Carswell at .

We would also like to thank the Community Initiatives Fund for awarding us with a $20,000 grant in order to offer this very valuable programming in our communities. The Community Initiatives Fund contributes to the quality of life of Saskatchewan’s residents by providing grants for projects supporting healthy growth and development of children and youth, individual and community well-being, and non-profit and community leadership.

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