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NEOSS and Melfort Youth Evolution are excited to announce our newest youth program for 2024 … Melfort Youth Evolution #HANGOUTS

Since 2020, our healthy relationships programs have been striving to help to meet the need of addressing the lack of available inclusive youth programming in our community. Thanks to Community Initiatives Fund (CIF) grants, we have delivered programs that have covered the issues of building healthy teen relationships, topics like gender inclusion, bullying and all other forms of violence, and various other pertinent themes relevant to today's youth. We strive to continue to support and advocate for, and work collaboratively with youth, while creating a safe, inclusive, nonjudgmental physical and/or virtual space where all youth can feel safe, accepted, and "normal", and where they can learn how to live lives free from violence. NEOSS and the Melfort Youth Evolution (MYE) have collaborated to develop and deliver meaningful and relevant programming to area youth. Weekly sessions/workshops will provide youth with foundational skills and tools to build and maintain healthy and safe relationships, covering topics such as healthy relationships, consent, gender-based and dating violence.

With continued grant funding from CIF, Melfort Youth Evolution #HANGOUTS programming will be sculptured by replicating many portions of our former very successful program models. Our "Keep it 100 – Teen Healthy Relationships", "MYE Space" and our most recent "The MYE Hive" were well received and well attended. Our goal is to build upon the relationships that were created with the youth and the community, echoing those program areas that had the most impact on the wellbeing of the participants. By responding to the feedback received from participants, and reflexing program content to meet the needs and wants of today's youth, our programming remains relevant. Offering programming of this type to children/teens/youth during this time of rapid physical development and deep emotional changes, will continue to give them an opportunity for connection with their peers, increase the sense that they are not alone, and help them to build a network of support. To address all forms of abuse, we believe that our most effective tools are prevention, education, and engagement. We plan to provide a safe, supportive environment for children/teens/youth to perhaps experience new opportunities, while helping them to overcome barriers, develop healthy relationships, and build their confidence while learning life skills.

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